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Hi, I'm Kate!

I'm a teaching artist based in New York City. My goal is to bring beauty and truth into the world in the small ways I can.  I sing, act, and play the piano, seeking to grow each day, while helping my students realize their fullest potential. 

Although I didn't always know that music would become the focus of my life’s work, I've been making music as long as I can remember. My first grade school teacher gave me the nickname, "hummingbird," because I was incessantly (and inadvertently) humming and singing in class. Neither of my parents are musicians, and so it was a surprise to them when at age eight I asked for a piano. I started taking lessons then, performed in my first musical shortly after, and have been making music ever since.

My journey as a singer has not been an easy one, and in the hopes of encouraging other singers who are struggling, I've written about some of my past challenges here 

Training & Experience

-Adv. Cert. Vocal Pedagogy,
-Master of Music, NYU 
-Bachelor of Music, OSU
-Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy, NEC & EML



 Healthy technique leads to free artistic expression. Read more about my approach to teaching here: 



I like to make lots of different kinds of music, which I share regularly here:


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