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Voice Lessons

 Highly individualized voice instruction to students of all ages and skill levels.

 My approach is holistic - grounded in a strong knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the voice and the acoustic laws of sound, and attentive to the artistic development of the performing soul. It's not genre specific. The tools and concepts I instill in my students carry across style and voice type. No matter what kind of singing you do, we will work towards a balanced instrument that is true to YOU. 

I offer the following to each singer I work with: 

  • specific technical guidance 

  • practice support 

  • repertoire selection and advice 

  • unlimited email correspondence between sessions 

  • piano accompaniment

  • performance opportunities

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Unique Voice

Enhance and develop the beautiful instrument you already possess.


Empowerment to freely share your voice with others

Ease & Efficiency

Discover balanced coordination that will promote freely released sound.

Vocal Health

Establish healthy, sustainable habits that will serve you for a lifetime

Kinesthetic Awareness

Rely on cues from how your body feels as you sing, rather than how you think it sounds.

Love of Music

Cultivate joy in song while working hard to hone your skills

Guiding Goals 

I believe...  

        Singing is for everyone, not just a select “talented” few.

        It's never too late to explore your potential as a singer. 

        Wherever you are on your journey is exactly where you are supposed to be.

Whether you are a seasoned performer or a shower singer, there are always discoveries to be made, new levels of freedom of expression to access. It would be a privilege to meet you and your voice.


and let's start exploring what's possible! 

My teaching philosophy


Kate is amaaaazing!!! I have been taking lessons with her for a year now, and they are so much fun! Kate is one of those voice teachers that really pays attention to you and your specific needs and adapts her teaching style to meet them. If something's not working, she doesn't keep trying to make it work--she tries something else until together you find what works best for your individual voice. Kate is kind, loving, and supportive, and I feel like I can ask her ALL of my questions about singing and how my voice works and she's happy to answer them! She is also great at adapting to the challenges that come with voice lessons over Zoom. I thought virtual voice lessons would be frustrating and that it'd be difficult to just sing through a computer let alone learn anything, but that's not the case with Kate! Would definitely recommend signing up for a voice lesson!!!



—  Jill Jackson

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