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What's on my mind...

What's been going on?
**this is very likely not a comprehensive list, as I'm not always on top of updating it. 

SNL with Sam Smith

Sang in an acapella choir as a part of Sam Smith's musical guest performance on Saturday Night Live.
January 21, 2023

Christmas Caroling

Spread cheer all around the city throughout the month of December, singing four part harmony with The Other Reindeer Carolers
December 1, 2022

Carnegie Hall

In collaboration with the Buffalo Philharmonic, Downtown Voices performed at the 100th Anniversary celebratory concert for composer Lukas Foss
October 3, 2022

Kate is amaaaazing!!! I have been taking lessons with her for a year now, and they are so much fun! Kate is one of those voice teachers that really pays attention to you and your specific needs and adapts her teaching style to meet them. If something's not working, she doesn't keep trying to make it work--she tries something else until together you find what works best for your individual voice. Kate is kind, loving, and supportive, and I feel like I can ask her ALL of my questions about singing and how my voice works and she's happy to answer them! She is also great at adapting to the challenges that come with voice lessons over Zoom. I thought virtual voice lessons would be frustrating and that it'd be difficult to just sing through a computer let alone learn anything, but that's not the case with Kate! Would definitely recommend signing up for a voice lesson!!!



—  Jill Jackson

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